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Dear All, As per our data analysis of shipments being damaged in transit or at delivery which contain eatables ( most likely pickles and other such semiliquid/liquid foodstuff ) which are not sufficiently packed inside the shipping carton box, it is observed that the damage occurred to the package is major which results in damage of the entire box and its contents. In such case, due to heavy damage and leakage of the foodstuff, the delivery vendors ( FedEx, UPS, etc. ) directly discard/destroy the complete package then and there as there is possibility of other packages to get damaged as well. On investigation, there is no claim provided for such a case of damage due to insufficient packaging and nature of contents. Hence, it is hereby requested to make sure that packaging of foodstuffs inside the carton box is done as per international shipping standards with plastic shrink wrap and proper separation of eatables contents from other regular contents inside the box. In case of any damage occurred due to insufficient packaging of eatables resulting in entire or partial discarding of package, there will be no claim provided under any circumstances. Also no refund of freight/shipping charges will be provided in any case.
VVIP Movement at Chennai Airport
In lieu of VVIP movement (our Hon'ble Prime Minister of India & Hon'ble President of China) into Chennai tomorrow, all commercial and transport vehicles entry will have restriction into Cargo terminal from Friday, 11th October, 2019 morning 06:00 hrs to Saturday 12th October, 2019 evening 16:00 hrs. Hence incoming cargo delivery may get affected or delayed.

Ocean Freight Services

Ocean Freight

Knowing that your cargo is spending a week or two on the high seas makes you even more anxious it is well looked after; you want a service provider who has access to such information, which Bombino Express provides.

We have a comprehensive ocean freight program with an emphasis on traffic lanes connecting numerous destinations in India and abroad. We offer these ocean freight services at competitive rates, and with a choice of transit times and scheduled sailing options.

There are also some value added services we offer, details of which we will tell you later. Our ocean carriers are available to meet the challenges and deadlines of your overseas shipping itinerary, whether it be automobiles or motorcycles shipping for individuals or shows.

We can ship FCL (full container load) or LCL (less than container load) shipment anywhere in the world - door to door. We have customized cargo management service programs that provide a most cost-effective usage of ocean container space. Our other services are:

  • Custom Clearnace & Forwading.
  • Full-container Load (FLC) Consolidation.
  • Less-container Load (LCL) Consolidation.
  • ON-The-Spot/Factory Stuffing of Containers.
  • Multi-Model Transport Operators.
  • Infrastructure & Services Facilities at all sea Ports and Dry Ports.
  • Dry or liquid bulk shipment.
  • Refrigerated Services for living animals and perishable products.
  • Insurance and packing options.
  • Customs warehousing.
  • Automated documentation.
  • Cargo tracking system.
  • Communication facilities.

As an ocean transportation provider and one providing ocean freight services in India, we are engaged with more than a dozen ocean carriers for trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic services. You enjoy significant savings on landed costs, and you can choose from a large pool of weekly sailing options.

We offer a comprehensive import and export program, allowing your purchasing and procurement department's total control over inbound international freight. With partners strategically located throughout the world, Expert Logistics provides coast-to-coast coverage. We are proud of our excellent reputation for handling time sensitive cargos. Also, we organize and manage sea freight shipments worldwide, backed by the latest computer technology and staffed by our dedicated specialist staff.


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